How To Sell

Frequently Asked Question

  • When do you contact park residents? Only after we have a signed contract with the owner of the park.

  • How much do you pay? Fair market value, based on its continued use as a mobile home park. We use a revenue model to determine the value of each economically occupied lot. Other assets (such as rented apartments) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Are you limited to Manufactured Housing? Yes. At the moment, all acquisitions must be at least 75% manufactured housing units.

  • Once purchased who actually owns it? A newly-formed nonprofit corporation owned by a majority of the residents of the park. Each household applies for — and purchase — a membership. Non-member households stay in the park and rent from the corporation.

  • How fast is the process? Ninety to 120 days, depending on deal complexity. Like all commercial transactions, timelines are subject to the ability to expedite due diligence.

  • Where does the money come from? ROC USA Capital. We finance over 100% of FMV to accommodate closing costs and future infrastructure improvements.

  • How can residents with no business experience be successful? As a condition of the financing, residents must agree to a minimum 10-year operations support and training relationship with ROC Northwest.

  • How do I sell to my residents? Contact us at We work with brokers, attorneys or directly with owners, depending on your preference.

Our Process

  1. Negotiate Price Using a revenue-based valuation, we are able to negotiate a price that works for both the Seller and the Residents.
  2. Sign Purchase And Sale Agreement After settling on a price, we execute an assignable, commercial Purchase and Sale agreement between the Seller and the Northwest Cooperative Development Center of which ROC Northwest is a program.
  3. Offer PSA To Residents With PSA in hand, we call a meeting of the residents where they discuss the purchase, consider the costs and benefits, form a legal corporation, and ultimately decide whether to take assignment of the PSA.
  4. Due Diligence And Financing The ROC Northwest team works with the new corporation to ensure a clear title, appraise the property, conduct a property condition report, and secure funding commitments.
  5. Close Residents approve financing, sign closing documents, and have the organizational structures in place to hit the ground running on day one after closing.

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