I am a resident co-op homeowner at Northlake Community Homeowners Cooperative located in Bremerton Washington. Our little community was established at the end of WWII and is nestled in the outskirts of Kitsap County.  We are very excited to be a part of the ROC movement for park ownership especially with the low income area and the ability to keep the price of our park ownership affordable. We have been with you for shortly over a year and have high hopes for continued improvements to our community. Without ROC we wouldn’t know where most of us would be.  So we thank You for the opportunities that continue to arise due to your interest and continued support.

Thanks again,

Kimberli Kibler


Northlake Community Homeowners Cooperative, located in Bremerton Washington, became a resident owned community in 2016.  The community has 48 homesite, and a community building. Northlake’s Capital Improvement Plan includes renovating their community building inside and out and repaving the roads.


Purchased In January 2017
Number of Households 48
Co-op Website coming soon

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