The ROC Northwest Network

ROC Northwest is a program of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center serving residents of Manufactured Housing Communities across Washington and Idaho. We help residents form cooperatives to secure financing and purchase the land under their homes.

With each conversion we also commit to providing ten years of ongoing technical assistance. We work with non-profit lenders to not only secure acquisition funding but to finance major infrastructure improvements. We recognize manufactured home communities as viable forms of affordable housing, and work to preserve them through resident ownership.

The ROC Northwest team brings a wide array of specialties catering to the unique needs of manufactured housing community residents and owners. We are equipped to work with diverse populations spanning a wide range of incomes. Our program is supported by the wider ROCUSA Network, of which we are a Certified Technical Assistance Provider.

ROCUSA affiliates have been working to foster resident ownership for over thirty years and support over 200 communities.

Our Team


  • I’m happy with our decision to sell to the residents. . . (ROC Northwest) was personable, persistent and passionate.

    Peter Herzig

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